At Shay Locksmith we Unlock Big Trucks and 18-Wheelers

Trucks truly do represent an essential portion of the network that connects all producers and clients.

Regardless of what could happen from daily basis, the fact remains truck freight must get from the dock to the end client FAST. When a truck driver of one of these trucks is locked out or may his or her truck keys. We take this very seriously and are eager to help ASAP solve your problem!

At Shay locksmith we unlock Automobiles/Vehicles. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Ford truck or a Frieghtliner truck. Prius cars or Peterbuilt truck. Mazda cars  or Mack trucks, or something else like an Kenworth truck or International trucks. We don’t really care what you drive! If you are locked-out or have no other keys, You’re stuck! Don’t be late for your deliveries! Give us a call! 514-836-9097 Shay locksmith in Montreal is ready to assist you NOW! Day or Night. Typically we can have a locksmith on site within 30-45 minutes. 

  • Key replacement Kenworth
  • Key replacement Freightliner
  • Key replacement International
  • Key replacement Mack
  • Key replacement Ford
  • Key replacement Peterbuilt
  • Key replacement Volvo
  • Key replacement GMC
  • Key replacement GM

Generally speaking, if it locks, we can must unlock it! For any Reason we cannot help you get inside your vehicle, it won’t cost you a Cent $0. We are here to help you not scam you!

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