Safe repair

Safe Lockout and Lock Installation Services

Safes are used by businesses and individuals to keep sensitive information and valuables in safe place. There are many kinds of safes such as gun safes, wall safes, floor safes, and fire resistant safes. In addition there are different locking mechanisms, electronic and mechanical. As the valuables and information are very important to our clients, so also is the safe functionality.

Safe Lockout in Montreal QC Safe Lockout in Montreal QC Safe Lockout in Montreal QC


Safe Repairs
Safe Sales
Safe Maintenance
Safe Unlock
Safe Combination Change
Safe Lockouts

Serrurier shay locksmith provides safe maintenance, repairs, lockouts, and combination changes for variety of safes and mechanisms. It is very important to maintain the safe in order to prevent lockouts and mechanism breakups. Serrurier shay locksmith provide the following services for safes: sales, repairs, combination changes, unlocks, and maintenance for verity of safes. Please call us for free consultation and estimate. All our locksmith services are mobile services in Montreal area.
We don’t have a store front.

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