DOREX 8500V panic hardware


Do you just installed new Dorex exit device hardware 2 pointes on your commercial door could be school, church, Synagouge, Mosques, industrial location? Have you encounters issues outside thumbturn when pressing down very hard to open, on from inside you have to push hard to exit? Your not alone, Many clients complain about the same issue, it is normal to have more difficult when installed Dorex device 8500V 2 pointe latch you need to deactivate both pointe latchs that create more difficulties to open, from inside it could be alignment issue, In Canada and some parts in northern states where it snow often issues may occur often du to weather changes. Dorex 8500V comes with 1 year warranty. when warranty finish maintenance  will required to keep lock intact good working condition. in picture above a church had issue kids couldn’t open door from outside since they are not strong to push down thumbturn, from inside they had to push hard to exit. sometimes Door closer adjustment could fix some issues.

  • 8505 Trim
  • Exit device 8500V


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