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How much does it cost for our locksmith services to arrive to your location and hours prices. Many people call our company after 5pm or asking us about our service fee’s.

You must understand that we are a 24 hours locksmith service But we DO NOT come for $10-$20 otherwise WE’LL go bankrupt. We suggest you call scammer locksmith which are charging lower rate to catch you. You may learn something :-).

First thing you need to be aware the time you call us.

Regular working hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm during those hours you’ll get the best rate for any locksmith services. Our technicians finishing their shift at 5pm they have their own family lifes, During the after hours prices are not the same as before 5pm prices vary and could be up double price.

Meaning Door opening standard locks usually range between $95-$125 Daytime.  Between 5:00pm-8:00am next day.  Prices are vary between $125-$275. If a high security locks Daytime $175-$250 and Between 5:00pm-8:00am $250-$350 such as Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Abloy, Cx5, Weiser Smartkey, Older Schlage Securekey+ ** Beware high security locks there is no magic to open without breaking your existing lock be prepare to install either standard or high security locks which will be an additional fee’s. Service call included iin our fixed priced.

  • SERVICE CALL include 30 Min to and Return time +Mobile maintance fee’s
  • cancellation service will apply with the first 5 min of your initial call.
  • Hourly rate $68.00 Minimum 3 Hours, Extra Hrs $68.00, Unless charged Fix rate.  
  • APPEL DE SERVICE comprennent 30 Min  pour aller et reture de client + Frais de l’entretien Mobile.
  • Frais de  service d’annulation sera applicable avec les 5 premières minutes de votre appel initial.
  • Taux horaire $68.00 Minimum 3 heures, Chaque hres additionnel $68.00 À moins que taux chargé est fixe.


Contact us Or CALL: 514-836-9097  24/7

Are you Locked out of your house? Need to change a lock?  Call us 514-836-9097 and a real locksmith will answer your call and service time is approximate 30 Min from the moment you request service.  You must be aware once you make us coming rush to your aide a cancellation service will apply with the first 5 min of your initial call.

So Whether you are locked-out of your home, business or car or after a break-in, it’s important to get a Licensed Locksmith Company that you can trust and resolve the problem ASAP.

Our special locksmith service is 24 hours Real locksmith will answer the phone to handle your residential and commercial security problems with the best care and effort. We can reach your location in greater Montreal & Laval at an approximately 30 min, Dont forget that in Montreal we have Traffic issue, it may be later that promise 30 min waiting time, We’ll solve you your lock and key issues immediately at the best price we are here to save all clients either you Rich or Poor. We’ll not going to make your buy new lock or destroy your lock if not required.

How does it work the FREE estimation?

To provide you with FREE estimation we could give it over the phone, Describe your issue, you could email us a picture Once we could see the problem, a price could be given over the phone, in Some cases when you required many locks different styles to be replace We could send a mobile service to your business Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.  in other cases SORRY we DO NOT come to your house for FREE!  if we’ll go to every client in Montreal to give free estimation we’ll go bankrupt.

#1 one phone to call since 2007 – 514-836-9097 Real locksmith is always ready to answer your question. if line is busy try again we are receiving many calls all day long.